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Freshman Year Part 2 -It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.

hypnotist at pinaysaamerika
Dear insansapinas,

Before the middle of the semester, the class had already several groupings. I had my own. We were eight including the Math Wizard, the Tardy Time because he was constantly late. In fact, each one of us had a special name because of our time habits. Mr. Tardy Time was always late for one to two hours. He complained about the traffic in Makati, so that was Makati time. I was compulsively early and that time we still lived in Sampaloc. Mine was Sampaloc time.

There were four boys and four girls…not because we were romantically linked. At least half of us had their own soul partners who may belong to another class and group.

I had my share of admirers, (admirers daw o), suitors (because they tried to suit themselves to my schedule, *heh*).Habulin daw ako…ng aso. Toink.

But I contained myself. My elder brother found a job abroad and he made it possible for me to study full time because the scholarship required us to enroll full load. There was a silent promise between us that I would finish my college. But fate had other plan for me. Bohohoo. That is going ahead of the story.

My classmates never saw me date nor introduced any special friend. I was enjoying college life. The group went to movies together not because we wanted to skip classes but because our professor required us to write a movie review.The group members with special someone brought their partners. They sat together. Mr. Math Wizard usually sat beside me with another lady classmate by my other side. To elicit laugh, Mr. Math Wizard would suddenly talked on top of his voice warning us two girls not to abuse his “ innocence. “

We were also a group in visiting museum and art galleries for our Humanities. When it came to libraries however, only Match Wizard and my other lady classmate went together. Others had their dates or hung out with their special friends in the campus or in the canteen.

Mr. Math Wizard warned the two of us not to involve yet with anybody or else, he’s going to make our lives miserable. That was meant to be a joke and or a brotherly advice to put our studies as priority.

“Sasabunutan ko kayo, ingungudngud ko kayo at hindi ko kayo babatiin.” Said he.
We retorted back by asking what if he found also a special girl. He narrowed his eyes, arched one brow and said, "Ito ang piso, maghanap kayo ng makakausap." (translation: “Here is a peso, look for someone you can to talk to.”)
That we were about to find out when our professor in Logic 101 demonstrated his skill of hypnotism.

One afternoon. The Sherlock Holmes look-alike professor instructed us to lift our chairs and form a circle leaving a space in the middle of the classroom. Then he dragged his chair at the center while reaching out for his pocket watch.
He asked for a volunteer. The boys pushed Mr. Math Wizard to involuntarily volunteer. He protested by saying BAKIT AKO? (Why me?).
The class clapped their hands. He bowed a little and took a seat ready to be hypnotized.
The professor started the “ritual” by chanting, “look into mamamamy eyes…then he directed his gaze to swinging pocket watch…suggested to him that he was relaxed…nothing to fear.

When he became motionless but not necessarily rigid, the professor told us that he’s ready to answer questions.
First question: Do you have a girl friend?
Answer: None
Class Reaction: Boring. All those without girl friends and boyfriends howled.
Second question: Do you have a crush?
Answer: YES
Class reaction: Whoa. Ask who?

One of the PRO’s (Promdis) remarked that it would end the excitement. He suggested identifying the “crush” by process of elimination (in web search that is narrowing down by filtering). We knew that he did not want the class to resume to regular “programming” so he would like to extend the “interrogation”. Some strategy that the class approved wholeheartedly.

Third question: Is it in this class?
Answer: YES
Class: Whoaa. Then buzzed like bees, each one trying to guess who.
Fourth Question: Did you tell her already?
Answer: NO
Class reaction: male classmates, mahina; female classmates, WHY?
Question: Does she have an idea that you have a crush on her?
Answer: Don't know.
Class reaction: Male classmate asked the girls in the class. “Girls do you feel he has a crush on you”. Some girls stood up giggling.
Question: Describe her. Let’s start with the hair.
Answer: Shoulder Length.
Class reaction: Male classmate addressed the girls. Oh yong mga kalbo at crew cut, wala na kayo. (translation: the bald and those with crew cut, you’re out). LAUGHTER. Girls with short hair pretended to cry.
Question: Height?
Answer: Over five feet.
Class Reaction: male classmate said," O yong mga dwende at mga four feet lang, out." (translation: The midgets and those four feet in height are out). The classmate specifically identified Jane, a classmate who was petite, below 5 who became the girl friend of our five-nine footer promdi classmate). Jane, stood up and acknowledged the remarlk. laughing.

Question: Does she wear eyeglasses.
Answer: NO
Class reaction: Male classmate: O yong mga bulag diyan, out. (translation: Those who are blind, you’re out). Bespectacled girls removed their glasses, squinting and laughing.
Question: What is her name?

Before he could answer, the bell rang. Math Wizard seemed have woken from a deep sleep, rubbed his eyes and looked around.

Class reaction: Bitin. Overtime. (protest in unison).

The professor merely smiled. He asked the class to bring back the chairs to their original positions; gave the assignments for next meeting and hurriedly left without saying goodbye.

Math Wizard approached us, asking what happened. A lady friend snorted, if I know, you’re just pretending. Hehehe

He slapped her shoulder with his notebook. Gagah. Then he laughed.

The mystery continues.


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