Monday, September 15, 2008

Seminars and Classes

Dear insansapinas,

A friend from SF who is now in the Philippines on vacation called. His number in California appeared in the caller id.I thought he's back. He's calling from Buendia Makati where he rented a condo for his month's vacation. He's using his VOIP- or -whatever- it- is- phone connection. So he was not worrying about long distance charges. Isn't that wonderful? He's sick for a week now after he got wet during the heavy rain. Isn't that disgusting?

He's pissed. When he called the Technological Resource Center (TRC), he was advised to call again if the seminar that he is intending to attend is going to push thru. I forgot to tell him that it is the way it is for seminars. They have to meet a minimum number of participants or attendees before the seminar is given a go signal. Some sort of break-even.

The same is true for classes in the universities except for some state or city universities where students are required to enroll in subjects for the courses they have signed in when they passed the College admission tests.

During my salad days in the academe ( with some pasta as side order, mwehehe) I also moonlighted in exclusive and private universities where classes are confirmed finalized weeks after enrollment. Either the students and lecturers alike wait for the minimum number of enrollees for subjects-that-are-avoided-by-some-students-but-are-a requirement-for graduation or for classes which are overflowing with students because the professor/lecturer assigned to handle the class is
a very charitable person when it comes to grades that even though you can not add one plus one, you're given an A. Quid pro quo. Somethin' for somethin' and the something is not cheap, mind you. I am not saying that many in the noble profession of teaching make "bribery" their cottage industry. QED (quod erat domenstrandum). Halata bang yabang beauty ako for using Latin words? Blame my brother for borrowing a book that will put Latin in your life. *sips coffee*

Reminisce your college days when you have to look for subjects/classes to enroll in. ( I was in a block system when I was in College so all I did was to choose the block).

In a big university where I earned extra bucks to buy my dream house, the Accounting classes especially for first year and sophomore are "blockbusters". All Business students are required to take up the Basic Accounting Courses...Accounting 101, Fundamentals of Accounting and Accounting 102, Partnership and Corporate Accounting. However there was also a maximum number of students per class...about 60 to 70.

Smart lecturers/professors would put some extra classcards from their other classes so that the college is going to split the classes into two. He's lucky if the students enrolled are willing to change their schedules...if not all the lecturer had was a smaller class. The other class would be assigned to another professor...usually an associate...quid pro quo. Next semester, the associate may return the favor. No crime committed. No lies. Just "tweaking" the number of students. Who would like to handle a big Accounting class?

Me, I didn't do it. Students did not want to enroll in my class. I was a bitch. I make them stand up if they can not answer my question. So when students learn that I am the professor of the class, those who had already enrolled request for a transfer. In a class, there were those who could not drop or transfer because of schedule's constraints. Most of my students were matured already. Either they were into career change, like a student who was a pilot but was intending to migrate to the US or a housewife who's bored in their family business. They're not in the class for grades. They're there to learn. As long as I have the minimum number of students, my class was never phased out.

At the end of the semester, my students became my friends.

Ow in the government university where I taught, there was no such hassle. The classes are small and the students have to keep a certain grade requirement and number of units to enroll in every semester so classes are not dissolved for lack of enrolees. Otherwise, they get kicked out.


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