Sunday, September 14, 2008

The IFs in LIFE

Dear insansapinas,

If I did not migrate to the United States, I could have been the Vice President for Finance in the organization I once worked with in the Philippines.

But if I were the Vice President, I should be worrying now for the lengthy trial in court on charges of malversation of funds, corruption, overpricing and falsification of public documents.

It is not because I will be guilty of the crimes accused but because I will be implicated as one of the top executives who had something to do with the money bags.

The lady who became the Vice-President was not really a close friend of mine but she had been there since she graduated from College. She rose from the ranks. She was low profile, soft spoken and was very quiet during our executive meetings. No, she was not a bitch who would go to the VP, our immediate boss to play Judas. Although she found me intimidating, she accepted the fact that I was a strong contender in the position once the VP retires. She was happy for me. She said she could not imagine herself turning down orders or requests of the superiors like what I always did if I smell a rat in the fine print of the documents. . She said that she’s afraid to contradict the “big Gods” in the organization. She even warned me that there were rumors that the Gods were after my “head” because I was not a team player.

When I made a balikbayan, I visited my friend. She welcomed me in the big office formerly occupied by the VP. I was happy for her. I thought I sensed that despite the happy appearance, she was actually sad and in distress. We did not talk much because I had to visit other friends in the same building.

A friend from another department was the little bird that whispered to me what’s the trouble. The VP was under audit, together with the President, my nemesis, Controller and Treasurer. According to her, the VP was not really involved and did not enrich herself in her position. She could not say no to the President and his conspirators. She had signed several questionable contracts and had approved release of funds for the project. She believed the President that “ hindi siya sangkot”. She was mistaken.

Months after I had returned to the US, I received the news that they were asked to take a leave indefinitely while the investigation was going on.

A year after, they were forced to resign with forfeited pensions.


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