Wednesday, September 10, 2008

NCIS Addict

Dear insansapinas,
So lazy to blog these days. for three days now, there is a marathon of my favorite NCIS.

That's how crazy I am on mystery-suspense-detective-espionage series. Include gossip and rumor. Argh.

i have not even touch the papers i have to work on. oh well. i have to put myself on the right mood writing communications because there are just people who misspell names, write the wrong dates which I, a "descendant' of Sherlock Holmes (if ever he had an illicit affair with someone who went to Asia), am strickler for correct info.

A friend of mine who just retired and worked on his social security pension found out tht his gender in his file is that of female. hohoho.

Any am writing in english, kasi there are readers who can not understand Tagalog. ugh.

Wait, i have to check the phone, there could be bug in it. a maintenance guy came and said he was checking something in the kitchen. Who knows?

My paranoia strikes again. Argghhhhhhhhhhh.


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