Sunday, September 07, 2008

Job Interview

Dear insansapinas,

Let me rewind my clock and reminisce the past. Tick Tock tick tockzzzzzzzz

I was not interviewed in my first job. I was referred by a friend as intern in that auditing firm when I was in third Year College. After graduation, I was hired as regular. I liked the job. It got me a lot of experience in auditing. My supervisor was strict but not the CPA-Owner of the auditing firm who was busy with his other businesses.

Before I was about to graduate, I looked for a job. We were four interns in all and words were out that only two would be hired.

I was happy to receive the response to my application letter. I called in sick the day of the interview and left the house early. I wore my newly bought tailored top blouse. The tag price made me promise to myself, I would abstain from drinking soda for a year and drop the soda allowance to a piggy bank. For the first time, I wore a two-inch heel pump shoes. It was also a new pair. It was sale. I had to fight it out with the other early bird customers with elbows outstretched and ready to bump whoever would overtake me in the line just so I can buy that expensive pair of shoes. My hair smelled terrific. I also applied a blush on. My English teacher encouraged me to start using this cheek coloring to conceal the real blush if I get embarrassed. I did not know how to apply makeup , so it looked like, only one cheek felt the embarrassment. *heh*

I found the place after deciding whether it was really the address. It was. A
guy with perfectly coiffed, glistening with moussed hair invited me to his little office. I thought that it is not ideal for him to go out under the sweltering sun. I f a bug happened to land on his hair, it would die of poisoning and bruising from the stiff hair. If he continued “dumping” all those stiffening products in his head, I won’t be surprised if he’s going to go to rehab for inhaling so much alcohol. A casualty of hair vanity.

First, he made me write my name several times. I did not know that he was an expert in handwriting analysis. So I am a combination of save here-spend there-buy-few-and- buy- lots- as- mood- swings type- of- personality. I was about to ask him for his certificate for graphology when he asked me to add long digit numbers. Hello, hello, hello. Did he expect me to prepare the spread sheets mano-mano? I can add by merely scanning them with my eyes but I would not want to be reduced to a walking calculator when going home trying to check whether I got the correct figures or not. Force of habit, I do that all the time even now. I mentally calculate even when I am walking or inside a vehicle so if you are seated beside me and you hear the DING sound, that’s my brain.

He rationalized that he was testing my quick thinking ability. Shucks. If you are going to
throw a snake in front of me, I would not even think twice to run. That’s how a quick thinker I am.

Satisfied with the result of my instant math exam, he started interviewing me about setting up a business—licensing—taxation matters, yada yada yada. All the while, he was taking notes.

After more than an hour of interview, I was at the bus stop trying to assess whether I made an impression or not. What went wrong if there was any.
I decided not to proceed to the office even though it was still early. They would have a suspicion that I got a job interview. I looked several hundreds more expensive than my regular work clothes and seldom did they see me in good hair days.

The manager said that he would just call me since he will be conducting interviews with some more applicants.

The call never came.

Oh well.

One time, I was in the city hall for an appointment regarding a client’s tax issues when I got a glimpse of a familiar person. It was his hair which made me remember him.

He did not recognize me. Must be because I was wearing jeans and was less lady-like.
Then it struck me...his interview was just meant to get ideas from the interviewee who knew more than he did. Dang. Cheater. Thief.

I was tempted to trip him when he walked up to the window to get the business license.
And all the time, he was just starting his business.

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