Saturday, September 13, 2008

People Watching

Dear insansapinas

My ride came late yesterday. Fifteen minutes. And he has a GPS. Hohoho. That damn thing was causing the delay…it was directing him to longer route. No matter how direction-challenged I am, I could have easily told him where to turn or when to turn. But he is polite and good looking so I didn’t care . *heh*

But the guapo thing is not the topic of this entry. It is about fugly things I saw in people watching.Promise, I am going to confession for 12 months for having these sinful thoughts.

I went to the pharmacy today. If it is not a big deal for you, it is for me. I have to bring with me a tote bag to carry the 30-day drug supply for my different health issues. If you think I am exaggerating, you should see me haul a shopping bag with wheels a few months ago. At least, the prescribed medications have been reduced in number but the dosages were increased. I am a walking medicine cabinet. Argh.

The other day, I forgot to take my morning little and big the afternoon, I was shaking..hungry that I could eat a horse...the stable included if I did not eat my early dinner.
When I am so engrossed in my task for the day, the pill box with daily partition becomes useless as a reminder.

Got to remind myself not to eat a banana and drink cold water before going out. I could feel the “people power” inside my abdomen that I like to go back and purge them out to gain “inner peace” but I thought of the ride that I may miss. I do not want the driver to call me. I do not pick up the phone. So many telemarketers. While I was twisting my leg over another trying to quelch the stomach revolution, I took this picture of an evergreen tree in our front yard. whew.

Refilling my prescription takes about an hour. Branded and generic. Boredom makes people do stupid things. While waiting for my name to be called, I indulge myself in my "bad diversion" of watching people. The crossword puzzle was a little bit difficult.

First, the "appointment lady". She is now a few months fixture in that aquariumed counter after the former occupant of that work space joined other personnel who may have been sacked or were given walking papers. I don't receive a call anymore to remind me of my doctor's appointment or if my medications are already ready. Short of staff or the appointment lady does not care.

The first day I saw her, I remembered my fashionista-gay-friend who's my worst critic when it comes to my choice of wardrobe. "I'll slit my wrist, I jump from the billboard if you are going to wear that hideous dress of yours" ...that was his dialogue when I asked his opinion about the dress I picked up from a high-end department store. If he could have seen the appointment lady with all her big bling bling and very colorful dress, he could have threaten to drink a strong poison for witnessing a fashion disaster in his time. You should also see him feign to faint when he sees your seriously-in-need-of -resuscitation-furniture in your place. He's into interior design. My frustrated dream.

Back to the appointment lady...she must have been sent to a "sartorial rehab". Whatever counselling she received works. Her choice of colors are subdued and she just wears one strand of faux pearl necklace. She used to wear several strands of colorful beads.

I don't know if it must be my being Law in Order junkie that I cringed when I saw this five year old girl dressed like a slut. Pardon my term. But she was wearing a two-piece showing her flesh from the bottom of her flat chest to her lower abdomen. On her arm, she carried a purse with rhinestones Think of Pamela Anderson who shrunk into three feet beauty.

The temperature reading made me wear an extra vest. The wind was cold outside. So why the summery attire for a five-year old ?

The man who was seated a few chairs away from me can not take his eyes off the girl. His face was blank. I was not dressed like a female version of Sherlock Holmes that day, so I can't figure out if he is attracted to the girl...the pedophile if he is!!! or just like me, he's entertaining theories about proper children dressing.

The medical receptionist called my name to see the triage nurse. She's going to attend to my request of helping me out in my new blood glucose meter. It was becoming more high tech..what with a chip to identify the code of the test strips used for this particular machine. For me it is not a protection from wrong use of strips but more as a barrier to other strip manufacturers. The gadget will use only its own test strips. Hahh, marketing strategy. What is good in this gadget is that I can transfer the data to my computer…as to how…that is another thought that I have to wrangle. Unlike the old ones when I am provided with a journal to post my daily readings.

While waiting for my ride home, I captured this picture of three evergreen trees. These remind me of Christmas.


I am still entertaining the idea to make a Christmas tree out of my pill bottles.

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