Friday, August 10, 2012


Dear insansapinas,

Since I was discharged from the hospital , I am having a hard time concentrating. I can not read books. I lost focus. So what I did during the time when I am trying to regain my strength and avoiding depressionl. I fixed some things which was part of my activities when I started getting sick. Here is the rosary that broke the strands. Okay na siya. Date bracelet ko, ginawa kong rosary. Milagrosa yan. 

and here is a bracelet that I bought from the Philippines that needed some change of the elastic thread that brings it together.

My brother bought this for me. A small blender. Small enough for my two meals. Hindi pwede diyan ang lechon.
Now my project is writing. Something to stimulate my brain. Kalat pa yata eh.



Anonymous said...

maganda raw ang tong-its for stimulating the brain. merong mga website kung san pwede mag-download ng tong-its


cathy said...

matingnan na.