Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Dear insansapinas,

I got two doctor appointments yesterday, the oncologist and the primary physician. After my blood test in the cancer clinic, I waited at the reception area to wait for the doctor's instructions for my chemo on Thursday.

The door opened. A lady who I think is a Filipina entered, signed the appointment list and sat down in one of the chairs. The door opened again. A young lady who also looked like a Filipina entered and sat down beside the older woman. She put up her two feet in the chair. The door opened again. An old man entered. He looked like a Filipino. He sat beside the two ladies. They talked.

I looked at my brother who was reading from Kindle. He looked at me like saying "What?". I asked, did you see my hat?

He looked at my head, short to saying, kung sawa yan, nalulon ka na.

I went to the primary physician for my blood works, EKG, etc. After the session with the doctor about my diabetes, high blood pressure and medications, I went back to the reception room. My brother was waiting. I looked at him and I was about to ask, Where is my hat? Before I could ask I saw from the glass, I was wearing it. Hindi ko pala inalis.

Upon reaching home, I found out, I lost it. Not the hat, Kulit ninyo.  One of the earrings. Hindi ako sanay eh. Noong meron akong buhok, I seldom wear earrings. The Hat? It is still with me. Tinatakpan ang akin kalbong ulo.

Eh bakit napasok ang earrings. Kasi nagsuot ako para magmukha akong babae. Che.



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