Monday, August 13, 2012

No Hair, Ma

Dear insansapinas,

When I was younger, I thought I became dumb whenever I had my hair cut. Like Samson whose strength
was on his hair, I had that silly notion that my intelligence is in my hair. Gupitin mo at magiging bobo ako.

I am very particular with hair shampoo. There was a time when I was buying one I liked which I did not know was being phased out in the market since it had a lot of carcinogenic ingredients. I do not know if it what caused my C.

When I was admitted in the hospital for respiratory failure last May, I still have full hair. When I woke up, the shampoo and conditioner in my bathroom shed "tears". 

When I was still working, I was so vain in my hair that my friend dared me if I can publish this photo of mine taken in the couch.
I did. Beh. 

Baka biglang mag-disappear.


Lolo and Lola Lopez said...

I hope everything will be alright with your treatment. I am praying for you same way I pray for my daughter everyday and everynight. You have such a fighting spirit that is so admirable. Take care.

cathy said...

Thank you very much.

biyay said...

Same here. I always pray that the Lord will keep on giving you the courage to go on. Be strong and don't lose your sense of humor.