Thursday, December 25, 2008

May-December Affair-bulag pa rin ang pag-ibig

Dear insansapinas,
Hindi ko na isusulat. Basahin na lang ninyo habang ako ay nagmamanicure sa sarili ko. Tapos sagutin ninyo ako. Di ba bulag pa rin ang pag-ibig. Basahin ninyo ang mga highlighted statements. Intriga siya.

Mula ito sa panulat ni ricky lo.

One was “positive” and the other was “negative.”

On Christmas Eve when he appeared on the GMA newscast 24 Oras, Dr. Hayden Kho admitted that — yes, indeed — he did have an affair with Katrina Halili (“positive”) but not with Rufa Mae Quinto (“negative”), the two actresses rumored to have caused his “irreparable” break-up with Dr. Vicki Belo that drove him to take an overdose of pills (brand not identified).

The break-up, reported as a “scoop” in this corner two Saturdays ago, spawned all sorts of speculations — you know, that Vicki has in her possession, among other pieces of “incriminating” evidences, a sex video of Hayden and Katrina (and, in a separate video, with Rufa Mae). Vicki is mum on the matter; she’s “speechless” for once.

In an earlier interview on Startalk,
Katrina denied having an affair with Hayden or appearing in any sex video with him, adding that the ugly rumor hasn’t affected her relationship with her boyfriend Kris Lawrence (who is basking in the publicity that he would not be getting if he hadn’t been linked to the popular sexy actress) and that she and Vicki were “okay” when they saw each other at a recent gathering. “We didn’t talk about ‘it’,” said Katrina. “All we talked about was my endorsement (of The Belo Medical Group).”

During his appearance on 24 Oras, two days after he was released from the “basement” (daw) of the Makati Med),
Hayden said that he and Katrina did it “for fun” and there wasn’t any “emotional” involvement between them. He also denied the rumor about the sex video.

At the same time, Hayden admitted having tried to “hurt myself” by taking an “OD” which was, according to those in the know,
a “fake” suicide attempt in his desperate effort to win back the gullible Vicki who, only a few weeks ago, hied off to Paris after an “LQ” (Lovers’ Quarrel) with Hayden who promptly followed her there with a floral offering that melted her forgiving heart (blindly/madly in love kasi, eh!).

According to a Funfare DPA, when Hayden was rushed to the Makati Med,
he tried to hide his identity with an iron mask that he had to remove anyway when he went through a CT scan.

Yes, it’s true, confirmed Hayden, “I wrote ‘I love Vicks’ on my tummy with a Pentel Pen. That was sincere and honest. For what do you expect a man who is dying but to tell the truth?”

Wow, dramatic, isn’t it?

Now, if
Hayden did take those pills on purpose, didn’t he realize that he was putting his credibility and integrity as a doctor (pa naman siya!) in question? Oh, my God, a doctor like him, so healthy and so “blessed” (by a sugary-sweet girlfriend), wanting to kill himself while hundreds of terminally-ill people would do anything, including storm the gates of heaven, to live longer? Could you imagine what would have happened if Hayden succeeded in that futile attempt. If he took those pills “by accident,” would you as his patient feel safe and secure if he prescribed you a medicine?

Is Dr. Vicki Belo worth dying for?

Think Porsche. Think posh condo unit. Think trips abroad on business class. Think five-class hotels. Think of all the quirks millions of ordinary mortals can never imagine to experience even in two lifetimes. Ask Mo Twister, the “un-couple’s” traveling companion.

Well, Dr. Vicki Belo must really be worth dying for.

As of press time, a Funfare DPA said that Vicki has decided “with finality” to break up and break away from Hayden, ending their three-year May-September romance which was, still according to people close to them, doomed from the start.

An afterthought: Did showbiz destroy Dr. Hayden Kho?

The last word has it that Hayden might go abroad “to study” on a “scholarship grant” from, you guessed it, Dr. Vicki Belo.

(Paging Charo Santos-Concio: When will you dramatize the “Viden” affair — as in Bradgelina referring to the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie saga, in Maalaala Mo Kaya! It will be a top-rater!).

A Funfare DPA said that after watching the 24 Oras, Vicki rushed to Hayden’s side to “console” him. If hysterics doesn’t work, histrionics surely does.)


Twilight Zone said...

o pagibig na makapangyarihan, kahit alam na alam mo ng dika tunay na mahal, hahamakin ang lahat hamakin ka lamang, ehek!

cathy said...

oo nga kahit na binibili na lang yong pag-ibig. hehehe