Thursday, November 06, 2008

Houseplants-Dumb Cane -Pinay Goes Gardening

Dear insansapinas,

This is a very popular house plants called dumb cane.

It falls under Dieffenbachia which is a genus of tropical plants in the Family Araceae noted for their single thick,arching oblong patterned leaves.

Members of this genus are popular as houseplants because of their tolerance to shade. The name commemorates Ernst Dieffenbach, a German physician.

This variety has a common name Dumb Cane because the sap when ingested could cause temporary speechlessness. DUMB. hehehe now I know what to put in my talkative adversaries.

Gardening Tips:

Light: Medium
Water: Let dry slowly before watering
Propagation:From Stem Cutting
Problems:Too much watering cause the roots to rot. Pests are aphids, mealybugs


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