Sunday, October 05, 2008

Very Remote

Note: To know what the picture is all about, read the entire story.

I am in pain for several days now. Don’t ask. So I am taking some
pain killers which I suspect dull my brain cells.

My celebrity-junkie friend had been calling me the whole day …updating
me about Cristy Fermin and Nadia Montenegro’s-baboy-ka-baboy-ka-rin-wala-kang-budhi-wala- kang-
budhi- ka- rin word war.
Not because I told her so but because
she was asking me about libel, paternity test and opinion as to who is lying.

I thought she's not going to call me anymore when I told her that both
are lying. I was watching Dancing with the Stars and
chuckling how the geriatric patients in a convalescent home were looking
for Cloris Leachman from another dance pair who visited the facility in
their bid to get their votes when the phone rung. My brother handed me the
cordless phone. I said I am not going to answer it. It’s her. I planned
to call her today. Five calls are enough for the day about that scandal.

The truth is I do not want to be disturbed when I am watching the Dancing
with the Stars.
I may not be a good dancer but dance is a part of my life. If you have
read my series about moi, I was
included in all dance presentations of the different schools I attended
since grade 1. And one Hans Christian Andersen's story that I could not
forget is the The RED Shoes which was made into a film in 1948.

Must be the failed dream of becoming DON’T LAUGH OR ELSE I AM
… a ballerina
…a promise of my mom to enroll me in the ballet if I stop accumulating those baby fats….uhrm by eating a lot of sweet potatos when I was around five.

Then the whats matta moment happened. When I’ve gone
back to watching the Dancing with the Stars after
ignoring the call, I noticed there was a long break …lots of commercials
and some previews of the channel’s TV series.

Was there an accident? Again. The Olympic medalist Misty May-treanor was already sidelined because of injury. Derek Hough blacked out last Saturday during dance rehearsal.
Or did Cloris utter another bleep bleep word?

Minutes passed and I realized I was already watching a whole episode
of a TV series that has nothing to do with the Dancing with the Stars.
I looked at the clock. It was still one hour and 15 minutes before the
reality show ends.

Am I transferred to a different zone. Was it Monday or it is already
Tuesday? Am I really watching Dancing with the stars?

Am I hallucinating ? Is this the effect of the several Tylenol that
I washed down the whole day in my system? Sh….t.

Then I decided to take a break to get some tea. I got up from the couch.
An incredible thing happened. Dancing with the Stars was back and then
is gone again.

Like a trained chimp that is under observation for cause-and-effect,
I tried to find out what makes it appear and disappear. So got up,
then sat down again.

And there in between the couch cushions was the remote control. As I
moved, the switch channels
up and down buttons are pressed.

So much about invisible hands changing the channels. It was my butt. OOoPS.


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