Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Food Festival

Dear insansapinas,


Who said that Philippines is a poor country? If not for the weather and traffic,
my friend who is now vacationing in the Philippines would have stayed for good.
He said that everyday is Food festival day…what with a lot of food courts in the
mall brimming with customers everyday, every hour aside from the food carts that are servicing the office employees who alternate their catered food with the combo
food they ordered from these meals on wheels.

Then he mentioned what he was having every morning as breakfast…tosilog..tapsilog,
losilog… wooo wooo, I said a lot of cholesterol and he is on maintenance for his high blood pressure.

Lunch time…either he orders sisig, sinigang na taba at tiyan ng bangus ( shirt…
sarap noon), or laeng, or ginataang alimango at kare-kare. I told him that he should
be easy on rice. He laughed…”how could you eat chilly food without or with little rice?”

When we were office mates, we used to walk several blocks in San Francisco to look
for Filipino restaurant. There was one in Ellis but the food is bad that I do not know
if it is still there. Just like in Los Angeles Filipino restaurant where I was served
this food they called Laing…a vegetable swimming in coconut milk like it was a soup
or a recipe with white broth. . Parang gusto kong higupin ang sabaw. Yeck

He called me overseas thru his VOIP. I requested him to buy some books from the
National Book Store.

For every query he made, the store clerk said that she does not know any book
of that title.

My voice went up one decibel…(oopps. I am just requesting and I have the gall
to raise my voice) out of disgust not to my friend but to the store clerk.

Who is a bookstore clerk who would not know any book about Panitikan ng Pilipinas
or any Panitikan book that was used in high school? Besides, if he or she does not
know any, could he/she not find it in their indices or list of books or textbooks?

My friend was already able to buy some materials from TRC. The seminar on
of tee shirts pushed thru even with 10 participants. I think 5 is their minimum.
It was for three days and he learned the basic.

I asked him if he was able to go out of town especially from his rented condo in
He said no. After his bout with flu for more than a week, he did not venture out.
he's afraid of relapse.

One precious moment that he had was meeting his online girlfriend. Former
, he emphasized. They had a misunderstanding last year and they never
bothered to work for reconciliation.

She is small he said, about 5’ 2” Aray, ouch and I thought that I was not that
really vertically challenged to be considered small.

As to what happened? He would not tell me. Later maybe when he comes back.
Press two palms together and wink like Sarah Palin. *heh*


sheilamarie said...

*drools at pictures* just just 2 weeks left and my family and i will be back in pinas, savoring those delicious foods. haaaayyyy...can't wait xD

sorry though to hear about that unhelpful nat'l. bookstore employee. they usually check through their pc/ or they can simply point out what aisle to go to. baka bago lang at walang alam :P sana ganun nga

cathy said...

sarap mo. uwi ka sa oinas.

Lee said...

slurrrrp nom nom nom bigla tuloy akong naglaway sa longanisang yan, lalo na samin sa sta maria ang saraaap ng longanisa at bolonia grabe, wala akong makitang ganung lasa ng longanisa sa manila.