Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Thank You

Dear insansapinas,

This blog entry is dedicated to the hardworking staff of the Customer
Finance Services of Sprint which office is in Fort Bonifacio, Philippines
especially to people named below
. Sey. Let the Cat meow.

My blood pressure hit the ceiling again. My blood sugar too… (that’s because I
ate ice-cream with a banana. Banana split baga. Banana is for my potassium
requirement, without which, the blue-black bruises will be back again. Arghhh.
Ice cream is for my calcium requirement which I can not get from my milk because
it has melamine
errrmm because I am lactose intolerant. (whisper..palusot lang).

The irritant that cause my blood pressure to shoot up is the lone letter from the
mail box. It was another collection letter from the SPRINT, my previous wireless-phone-provider-of the cell phone -I-did-not-use –but-continued-to-pay-when-I-was-busy-visiting-the-specialists-that-told-
Pause and Breathe.

They are warning me that my account will be sent to the collection agency and
will be written as a bad debt and my cell phone would not be renewed.

I am quivering in fear. Hide me, please. Nobody is going to BAIL me out. ARGHH.
No one is going to pay the $ 26.31 that I owed and have not paid to date. Shame on
slap, slap, slap.

I got my cell phone from my previous employer in Los Angeles in 2006. It was
a cell phone company. I can’t just give it up, it had a two year contract or else
I’ll pay a pre-termination fee.

Last March or April, the contract expired. I called to close the account. The
person I talked to told me that I renewed it for another year. Ha? I must be
drunk or I was in daze due to a lot of medications I was taking. To cut the
story short, I asked the guy I was talking with what to do because I have no
intention of using the cell phone anymore.
And I am saddled with costs of my medications and other things. The proud
person of me does not want to bother any people I have helped before so I
tried to be financially independent by eliminating non-essentials.

Why do I know the problem of not having a health insurance? …because
Virginia I have been there.

The guy agreed to close the account on the condition that I am going to pay
the $ 50.40. I was happy. He even gave me a confirmation number. He said
that I would get the invoice in July. Since I know already the amount, I sent
a payment of 50.40. The invoice came, it was $ 76 something.

Another collection letter came asking for payment. I checked the bill.
My payment was already reflected. So what are they demanding payment
for? The agreement is 50.40.
I do not care if the difference is $ 26.31.

Last September, I received another bill. I ignored it. It stresses me to make
any phone call that deals with problems.

I know how it works in the Accounting Department. I was a Chief Accountant
before and time and again we discussed what accounts to write off given the
proper documentation forwarded to us by the collection department. Some of
the customers have already died and yet the payable clerk has not cleaned
her file. Sheet.

This afternoon, I decided to make a call again. My blood pressure was making
me shake. I was ready to tell whoever would take my call if they can understand
English or not. Why do they continue to send me the bill when I have already
cancelled my account and have paid the agreed amount last June?

But I stopped. The mataray-bitch-sharp-tongued in me paused. Aha, the lady
at the other line is very composed. Even while I was already talking with
several decibels over my special phone, she was still calm. She was not
scared of me?

I suspected that she is a Filipina because in my experience dealing with
support services, ONLY FILIPINOS can calm down irate customers.
They have the charisma and the patience.

Sabi ko na nga ba. Filipina siya. She is one of staff of the customer finance
services of SPRINT which is located in Fort Bonifacio or Global City.
Anak ng pating, kahirap pa ako ng English, buti marami akong
stock sa aking Frigidaire. Yon palang kausap ko nasa Pinas at
ako ay nandito sa Estet. (No translation please).

Her name is Jacquiline Gaspay. Siguro kamaganak siya ni Baltazay.
hehehe biro lang. ( I hope I got her name right). Bingi kasi ang phone ko.
Hindi makarinig. Hehehe.
She promised that she would take care of the account. Unlike other
customer finance services, she asked my permission if she can put me
on hold. There was one office where I was made to wait for several minutes
without telling me that I should wait…so para akong tanga na hinihintay
ang PASKO, eh Marso pa lang naman. Hohoho.

She consulted her supervisor whose name is Kenneth John Mariano kung
pwede akong patawarin sa aking kasalanan kahit hindi ako nangungumpisal
.. .ehek sa aking utang na $ 26.31 para sa cell phone na matagal ko
ng inilagay sa crime scene dahil matagal nang hindi humihinga.

He talked to me and told me that they will do everything to the best of their
ability to give me a reprieve. Alelujah, pinatatawad na nila ako.

Salamat. Thank you. My mail was rejected. Wala sigurong stamp.

Pinaysaamerika kasusulat nito nasunog yong niluluto kong nilagang baka.
..kaya hindi na siya nilaga kung hindi
tinutong na baka. mwehehe

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