Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Nobelang Wala Pa Ring Pamagat -Chapter 2

Chapter 2

My Friend

She had been staring at the teapot, when the phone rung. She let the machine pick up the call. After hearing the loud beep, the phone rung again. She knows who the caller is.


It was her friend who just like her took a shot for the teaching position.

“I am happy for you,” she said honestly. Her friend Alexa is a lot older than she is and had years of experience too, more than she does. She is not surprised to know that she is hired.

“Let’s have coffee. My treat. And don’t you think of cooking up alibis. I can easily
ask my friend to drive me up in your place. Won’t stop knocking at the door until your neighborhood bring in a cop for public disturbance or so something,” Her shrill voice made her hold the phone away form her ear.

“ Okay, okay. You win. Let’s meet at the usual coffee shop. I love doing windowshopping too. Women’s best anti-depressant."

She was waiting for her; her make-up perfect, her hair done and looking even more beautiful for a woman her age.

“You’re late. What’s the excuse this time? You can’t get a cab, you bumped into some old friends or your heart is bleeding that you have to stop by the hospital? "Alexa said while savoring the hot steaming coffee.

She had already ordered her coffee. And bagel too.

“So, this is the dress that you wore in the interview or you had already a clothes change?”, her one eyebrow arching.

“Yes, it is.”


“Yessssssss” “Why what’s wrong with this outfit. I bought this under lay-away plan. Pretty expensive. I have to eat a lot of instant noodles for a few weeks to pay for this.

“Hello, hello, Houston, we got a problem. My dear, business suit does not mean you have to be like a gray canvas. You do not have to come like a new ordained novice in the nunnery of the Carmelite sisters. Pink sisters yes. If I were the interviewer, I could have dropped down on my knees start praying the rosary and ask for special indulgence.
Mother Theresa is dead, darleeeng.” Mwehihihi

She did not respond back.

“Oke, Oke , so I plead guilty, no appeal. I do not need a legally blond to defend my case. I have been harsh. I am mean. I am evil. Bwahaahaa. “ She put her two hands on both sides of hear head forming horns. “ Another free coffee for you. But darleeng, it’s time that you should dress your age. “

“Your application as my fashion consultant is still in process.”she said curtly.

“Ow, that is free advice. Nothing to worry. Courtesy of Friends Incorporated where I am the Chairman and you are the corporate slave.”

Uhhhm, did he….did he…

“Did he what ? Who’s the he and what is the what ?”

The guy, the dean. Did he say, he likes you?

“Naww. All he said was congratulations. But he pressed my hands though. Kilig. He’s impressed. Why?” Her tone of voice changed. “ Do you know something, that I do not know.” Her knows knitted as she asked.


“Tell me”


“Tell me.”


Alexa closed her eyes and chanted some words.

What are you doing. Have you gone mad?”

“Ow, I am casting a spell for you to open up.”

“You witch. Hahahahaha. “

“ Okay, will another treat, make you talk? There is a good movie that I would like to see.
I feel generous to make libre to watch it tonight with you.”

“Aren’t you missed by your kids? “ You should be home by now, MOTHER.” She emphasized the last word.

“Oh Pleaseeeeeeee, don’t you make me feel guilty over my careeeeer.”
She wiped her make believe tears with the table napkin. “Let me enjoy life, will you.” The kids are safe with their nannies and my …you know who... must be with his mistress, I mean his wife.”

She became silent for a few seconds. Her tears are real now. But they did not fall. She quickly wiped them with her hankie.


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