Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Ang Nobelang Walang Pamagat Chapter 1

Pansamantala kong ititigil ang kasalukuyang isinusulat kong Traidor upang isulat ang nobelang walang pamagat.

Chapter 1

I Like you but...

Bea stepped into the airconditioned room. She closed the door behind her and stood briefly to gaze at the frames, plaques and pictures that adorned the wood paneled wall.
The man seated behind the desk smiled and signaled her to take one of the seats in front the massive table. She knew, he was wondering what she was waiting for.

He stood up and offered his hand. She barely heard his Good morning and how are you doin’ greetings. Her heat beats seemed to have drowned them.

The meeting with the Dean was brief. She did not come unprepared that she did not expect his assessment of her personality. According to him, she is sufficiently knowledgeable of the subjects that she is going to handle. She technically answered complicated questions, but on the whole, something is lacking in her personality. She is too timid. Although her voice is husky, it is too soft and can be interpreted as shyness.

He stood up as a gesture that he is ending the interview.
“ I like you.” He said. You have the potential , but I need someone who’s aggressive. One who can captivate the audience when she talks.” Pardon my unorthodox manner , but I am this brutal for people I like.

He is sending a mixed signal. He likes her but she is not hired.
She wished he could have simply said, don’t call, we’ll call you.

She has the irresistible desire to ask what he meant by liking you but I do not want you statement. She resisted the impulse. Instead she thanked him and she walked erect and composed after saying goodbye.

Outside, she felt the pain of rejection. She leaned towards the iron railings. The Dean’s secretary appeared behind her. She felt that someone watching her even when she was already outside the room.

“Do you feel, ill, Miss? Can I get you anything ? Her voice was full of concern.

“ I’ll be all right in a few minutes. Thank you? She attempted to smile. She felt the prick of tears behind her eyes. She held them back.

Within a short time, she was totally in control of herself again. She was sorry that she had let the negative feeling affected her. She despised weakness and self-pity.

She thought angrily: I am responsible for my fate. No man is going to create that for me.

She pulled herself up and straight-backed she walked across the hall.

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Lee said...

bitin nga ako din dun sa storya ng tratoe e hehe pero di bale, my bago namang nobela,sana dina mabitin hihihi